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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


As used in this Agreement, the terms “you” and “your” refers to a visitor of the website as well as the users of paid services offered on akhilasoukhya.in and the terms “us”, “our” and “we” refers to ” AKHILA SOUKHYA, 1st Floor , Sri Bhoom Vallabha Building ,, 12th Main , Malleshpalya Main Road , Near Vignan nagar Bus stop, Bengaluru, an expression which shall mean and include its successors in interest and any assigns). AKHILA SOUKHYA is the owner of trade name akhilasoukhya

Please read these Terms of Use and Subscription Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) carefully. This Agreement governs your visit to the akhilasoukhya.in online service, use of akhilasoukhya.in online service, any subscription by you to AKHILA SOUKHYA’S services and offerings, contribution and sharing of information, and your participation in interaction with other users. By proceeding with the visit to or use of this website or subscription to any its products and services, you will be deemed to have consented to this Agreement.

If you do not agree with this Agreement, please close your browser window and stop viewing/using the akhilasoukhya.in online service or any of its products.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any provision/s of this Agreement at any time. This Agreement may be modified at any time, so kindly check this page regularly. By using this website akhilasoukhya.in (also referred in this Agreement as the “Website”) after any changes are made to this Agreement or you are otherwise notified of such changes, you are deemed to have accepted those changes, whether or not you have reviewed them. If you do not agree to the changes in the Agreement, you should stop using our Website and/or our products and services and you should arrange to cancel the registered user account or stop subscription or use of the services with us.

Your failure to follow the terms of this Agreement may result in immediate termination of your access to akhilasoukhya.in online service, as well as our resorting to other legal remedies available to us.

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by us, this Agreement applies to your use of the Website (including your visit/use of website and subscription to products and services offered on website ). Any other links or access to sites shall be governed by the respective terms applicable to them.
This Website and Subscribed Services provide assistance to you in your personal weight efforts or efforts to improve your overall health. AKHILA SOUKHYA or akhilasoukhya.in is, however, not a medical organization and our staff cannot and do not give you any medical advice or diagnosis. Nothing contained in this Website should be construed as such medical advice or diagnosis. The information and emails created by us for you are for guidance purposes only and are not a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. Loss of weight is a combination of several factors and the AKHILA SOUKHYA or akhilasoukhya.in does not guarantee any loss of weight or any other benefits based on subscription to or use of the product and services offered.

You are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or regimen.

The website is not intended for use by minors, insane or mentally disordered person, pregnant women, or individuals having any type of health problems or physical disability. Any individual having health or physical problem/s, such as pregnancy, diabetes, disability, etc. desiring to opt for programmes on the website, they are specifically advised to seek professional medical advice prior to adopting and initiating any form of weight loss effort or regimen or programme. In case of minors, insane or mentally disordered person, the natural parents or legally appointed guardian may adopt and initiate any form of weight loss effort or regimen or programme but with prior medical advice as suggested above. Medical advice shall be deposited with us.

akhilasoukhya.in contains links where you may order services, merchandise or other products through our Website from other parties (collectively, the “Third Party Sellers”). These links to these Third Party Sellers are placed only as advertisements and not endorsed or recommended by akhilasoukhya.in OR AKHILA SOUKHYA. All matters concerning the sale, services, merchandise and other products desired from the Third Party Sellers, including, but not limited to, purchase terms, payment terms, warranties, guarantees, maintenance and delivery, or any purported benefits from the use of products or services, are solely between you and the Third Party Sellers. We do not warrant or represent whatsoever in any manner with regard to any sale, services, merchandise and other products provided by the Third Party Sellers or take responsibility thereof even if the links to the same were through the akhilasoukhya.in  You agree not to consider us as a party to such transactions or be obligated in any manner in such transactions, whether or not we may have received some form of revenue or other remuneration in connection with such transactions, and we will not be liable for any costs or damages arising out of, either directly or indirectly, to you or any other person involved in or related to the transactions.
akhilasoukhya.in or akhilasoukhya does not endorse, support, sanction, or agree to/with the information or statements shared by users in interactions with other users. Such information or material, including advice and opinions, is the view and responsibility of those users and does not represent the view of akhilasoukhya.in or AKHILA SOUKHYA.
You may choose to visit the Website as a visitor or a registered user of akhilasoukhya.in. or as a user of Subscribed Services.
You agree upon the registration to provide to us the accurate and complete details of yours including name, age, sex and e-mail ID and address and to promptly update this information from time to time as needed.
Unless otherwise specified, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access, use and display the Website and the material provided hereon, for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you comply fully with the provisions of this Agreement. You agree not to assign, transfer or sublicense your rights as a registered user of, or subscriber to, this Website and/or the Subscribed Services. The user account and password are for your own personal use, and your subscription is only valid for your personal and, non-commercial use and shall not be shared with others. The information shared with you is for your personal use only and may not be suitable or applicable to others.
We reserve our right to use the information shared by you with us for any purpose related to the services and products available on the Website.
In our sole discretion and without prior notice or liability, we may discontinue the website/subscribed services to you or, modify or alter any aspect of the Website or our Subscribed Services, including, but not limited to, (i) restricting the time the Website and/or subscription is available, (ii) restricting the quantum of use permitted (iii) restricting or terminating any user’s right to use the Website and/or any Subscribed Services, and (iv) restricting or modifying in any manner any products or services that are available with the Subscribed Services. Any termination or cancellation or modification of your access to, or use of, the Website and/or our Subscribed Services may be effected without prior notice.
If you do not abide by the terms of this Agreement, except as we may otherwise provide from time to time, we may immediately stop your visit to/use of the Website, deactivate or delete your user account and all related information and/or files in your user account and/or bar any further access to such information and/or files, our Website (or part thereof) and/or Subscribed Services. Further, we shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination or cancellation of your access to, or use of, our Website and/or Subscribed Services by us, except for refund of any fees or charges only for the unexpired period of use/subscription, if any. There shall be no refund of fees in the event the services are terminated by you.
Your only right with respect to any dissatisfaction with any modification or discontinuation of Subscribed Services made by us pursuant to this provision or this Agreement, or any policies or practices by us in providing this Website or subscription is to cancel or terminate your Subscribed Services or registered user account.
The Website and any subscription shall be used in a reasonable and lawful manner only and that communications will not be obscene, indecent or offensive in any way. You shall refrain from conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to a civil liability, or that otherwise violates any law or regulation. Your failure to abide by these Terms may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability.
Certain portions, components, contents and features of this Website are available only to such individuals who purchase services as available from on the Website from time to time. This service is referred to as Subscribed Services in this Agreement. As a subscriber to the Subscribed Services, you agree:
To pay for in a timely manner any fixed and periodic charges and fees required for the Subscribed Services along with any applicable taxes. Unless payments as required are received by AKHILA SOUKHYA, the Subscribed Services shall not be available to you. AKHILA SOUKHYA shall not be responsible for any non-receipt of fees on account of any faults in the payment gateway or internet connection or postal delays. The subscribed services are not transferable and fees are not refundable. Every service subscribed must be consumed within the set days provisioned and mentioned clearly on the program page and non extensions will be given. We reserve the right to increase charges and fees, or to institute new charges or fees at any time, communicated through a posting on the Website or such other means as we may deem appropriate from time to time (including electronic mail or conventional mail). The revised/enhanced fee shall be paid within 21 days of the date of the above communication.
To pay the fees for the Subscribed Services along with any applicable taxes in advance. The fees are non-refundable regardless of whether you logged onto our Website or used the Subscribed Services.
For any reward or pay back schemes announced validity dates of program will be strictly enforced and no extension will be considered, final sole discretion of deciding on any kind of reward or payback announced in any offer will be with akhilasoukhya.
For any kind of reward on referrals or of any other kind final authentication for eligibility will have to be done by akhilasoukhya and it will have sole discretion on the matter.
To be responsible for all charges and fees associated with connecting to the Website and the Subscribed Services, including without limitation all telephone access lines, internet service provider fees, telephone and computer equipment, sales taxes and any other fees and charges necessary to access Subscribed Services.
To provide us with true, accurate and complete information as required by the sign up process (“Subscription Data”) for purposes of your use of the Subscribed Services including identification and billing, including your legal name, address, telephone number, email address and as applicable billing information (e.g., credit card number and expiration date). You agree to allow us to share your Subscription Data with third parties for the purpose of verifying the information you provide and billing your credit card or otherwise charging your account. You shall accurately maintain and update the Subscription Data. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such is the case, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your user account or subscription and refuse any or all current or future use by you of our Website (or any portion thereof) or any of Subscribed Services. You are obligated to check the “My Account” feature of our Website to determine whether your Subscription Data is current and accurate, and, if not, to correct or update your Subscription Data including your billing information. You agree not to register or subscribe for more than one account, create an account on behalf of someone else, or create a false or misleading identity on the Website.
That the availability and use of our Subscribed Services may be limited based on demographic, geographic, health or other criteria as we may establish or change at our discretion. You understand and agree that we may disallow you from subscribing to the Subscribed Services or may terminate your subscription to the Subscribed Services at any time based on these criteria.
On revocation or termination of your registration, not to register or subscribe again with our Website using another user name or through any other means. If we have reason to suspect, in our sole discretion, that your account has previously been terminated, we reserve the right to terminate any new accounts you have registered without any notice to you, or to exercise any other remedies available to us under this Subscription Agreement or by law.
To be fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and user account information. You must notify us immediately in the event of any known or suspected unauthorized use of your user account, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of password or credit card information. In the event of a breach of security, you will remain liable for any unauthorized use of your subscription until you update your Subscription Data. If your credit card expires, is cancelled, is lost or is subject to use without your authorization, access the My Account feature of this Website to update your Subscription Data. You shall be entirely responsible for any and all activities which occur under your user account. You shall remain responsible for paying any amounts billed to your credit card by a third party which were not authorized by you.
Not to post on the service any material protected by copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of the copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. You agree that the posting of any material by you shall imply that the copyright, trademark or other proprietary right in that material rests with you. You agree and acknowledge that you shall be solely liable for any action or damages resulting from any infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or proprietary rights, or any other harm resulting from any posting made by you.
Postings to the interactive areas of akhilasoukhya.in online service are not private. All information and material you supply is governed by akhilasoukhya.in Privacy Policy, which is accessible at any time from the bottom of any page on the site.
The akhilasoukhya.in neither reviews nor endorses the contents of all sites linked to from this Service and is not responsible for the contents or actions of any other sites linked to from this Service. Linking to any other service or site from this Service is at your sole risk.

Either You or AKHILA SOUKHYA / akhilasoukhya.in may terminate or cancel your subscription to the Website or Subscribed Services at any time. The cancellation or termination of your subscription to the Website or Subscribed Services is our sole right and we have all the remedy (including legal) with respect to any dispute arising out of this Agreement with us including, without limitation, any dispute related to, or arising out of: (i) any terms of this Agreement or our enforcement or application of this Agreement; (ii) any practice or policy relating to the akhilasoukhya.in online service, including this Agreement and Privacy Policy, or our enforcement or application of these policies; (iii) the content available through this Website or any change in content provided through the Website or on a Subscribed Service; (iv) your ability to access and/or use the Website or any Subscribed Service; or (v) the amount or types of our fees or charges, surcharges, applicable taxes, or billing methods, or any change to our fees or charges, applicable taxes, or billing methods. Upon cancellation or termination of your subscription to the Website or our Subscribed Service, we may immediately deactivate your user account and all related information and/or files in your user account and/or bar any further access to such information and/or files, the Website (or part thereof) and/or our Subscribed Services. In the event of any termination or revocation of the Website/Subscribed Services for any reason whatsoever by AKHILA SOUKHYA you shall only be entitled to a refund of the unexpired or unused portion of the fees after the date of termination. There shall be no refund of fees in the event the services are terminated by you
ou are using akhilasoukhya.in online service at your own risk. The service is provided “as is,” and akhilasoukhya and its affiliates or employees or directors or partners hereby expressly disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of accuracy, reliability, title, merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, condition, guarantee or representation, whether oral, in writing or in electronic form, including but not limited to the accuracy or completeness of any material on the service. AKHILA SOUKHYA And its affiliates or employees or directors do not represent or warrant that access to akhilasoukhya.in online service will be uninterrupted or that there will be no failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, or that no viruses will be transmitted on the akhilasoukhya.in online service. Neither Akhila soukhya, nor any of its affiliates or employees or directors or partners, nor any of our or their respective licensors, licensees, service providers or suppliers warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the products, offerings, content and materials (including, without limitation, the subscribed services) in the akhilasoukhya.in online service in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise.  AKHILA SOUKHYA  And its affiliates or employees or directors or partners shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential or other loss or damages allegedly suffered or arising out of your access to or inability to access the service, including for viruses alleged to have been obtained from the service, or your use of or reliance on the service or any of the information or materials available on the service, regardless of the type of claim or the nature of the cause of action. If you are dissatisfied with any portion of our website, or with any of provision of this agreement, or the subscribed services your sole and exclusive remedy is the discontinuation of your use of this website. The liability, if any, of AKHILA SOUKHYA or any of its affiliates or employees or directors shall be limited only to the fees paid for the use of akhilasoukhya.in online service.
akhilasoukhya.in contains copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information including, but not limited to, photos, graphics, text, software, music, sound and videos. AKHILA SOUKHYA owns all Intellectual Property rights in the collective and entire work placed on the service. You are prohibited from, and agree not to publish, copy, or in any way exploit, any of the content of the service, in whole or in part. Except as otherwise expressly permitted under copyright law, no copying, publication, or commercial exploitation of material accessed or downloaded from akhilasoukhya.in will be permitted without the express written consent. In the event of authorized copying, redistribution or publication of copyrighted material, no changes in or deletions of author, trademark, or copyright notice shall be made. You agree that you do not acquire any ownership rights by copying or downloading copyrighted material. You hereby grant to AKHILA SOUKHYA a royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, and display in India or any other part of the world any content posted by you on akhilasoukhya.in, in whole or in part. We also reserve our right to use such content for any purpose related to the services and products available on the Website, AKHILA SOUKHYA reserves the right to terminate the access of users, subscribers, and account holders who infringe the copyrights of others. If you copy the literary work of someone else and post it on akhilasoukhya.in, and the copyright holder notifies us with proof of the violation, we will immediately remove any postings and you would be solely liable for loss and damages.
You agree that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and jurisdiction for any legal action or proceeding shall be with courts in MUMBAI only. You expressly agree to submit to the venue of MUMBAI courts.
If any provision of this Agreement or portion thereof shall be declared invalid for any reason, the invalid provision or portion thereof shall be deemed to be omitted and the remaining terms shall be given full force and effect.
If any provision of this Agreement or portion thereof shall be declared invalid for any reason, the invalid provision or portion thereof shall be deemed to be omitted and the remaining terms shall be given full force and effect
This Agreement represents the complete and entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior agreement, whether written or oral. If you do not agree with the Terms contained in this Agreement, please exit the service now

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