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Hairloss in PCOD

akhilasoukhya pcod hair loss

Don’t all of us just insanely love our hair? It’s a part of our identity, it depicts who we are. Styling it and taking care of it is what we love to do. But what if there is severe hairfall? This is a nightmare for most of us.

What causes it?

PCOD isn’t a single issue. It comes along with its various other sub-issues. One among them is hairfall. The simple reason behind the excessive hairfall in PCOD is male hormones. PCOD produces and releases a larger quantity of male hormones in our body, leading to facial hair growth or hairloss.

How to control it?

Medications and supplements can help reduce the effect but not completely put an end to it. Managing your lifestyle plays a major role in this. A healthy diet, stress management, sufficient sleep etc keeps our body intact and fit.
Other ways to control it
  • – Use less harmful hair products
  • – Oil and Massage your hair and scalp on a regular basis
  • – Manage your stress
  • – Don’t use the hairbrush too much
  • – Don’t use tight hair accessories
There are several issues and several medical ways to cure them, but choosing and living a healthy lifestyle prevents the diseases from happening in the first place.

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