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pcod and weight gain
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PCOD and Weight Gain

Every 1 in 5 women in India suffer from PCOD. Among the various prominent signs and symptoms, the most prominent is weight gain. Unlike other issues,in PCOD weight gain is very unnatural and uncontrollable.
It is unnatural as the sufferer does not gain weight due to excess eating but due to harmones. The excess of male hormones releasing in the body leads to Weight gain.
Some ways to control weight gain.
– Regular walking
– Balanced diet
– Regular yoga
– Timely and nutritious meals
– Sound sleep
– Reducing stress
Avoid medications and adopt natural ways to treat PCOD. Natural ways tend to show better results and benefit the body. It is free of side effects unlike the medication and pills.
Medications and allopathy get the body accustomed to them which makes it difficult in the long run. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and diet benefits our life and body. Strengthening the immune system and making it stronger.  Helping us to be healthy and disease-free.
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