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weight loss vs fat loss
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Fat loss vs Weight loss

Health is the greatest gift and contentment is the greatest Wealth. Being obese comes with its own set of problems. It brings so many related health issues and has a major impact on lowering our confidence.

Trying to be slim and healthy can be a long and tough journey which requires a lot of effort, but shouldn’t we make sure we’re putting this effort in the right direction?

weight loss vs fat loss

There is a vast difference between fat loss and weight loss but not many of us know this. A few simple differences and it’s effects on our body are :

  • Body : Weight loss is a reduction in weight which includes fat, weight and water whereas fat loss focuses on losing only the fat content in the body.

  • Health : Weight loss can make our body weak as a we lose larger part of the important components whereas fat loss helps us burn the fat which results in increased stamina and energy.

  • Food : Reduction in diet and exercising can help us lose weight but fat loss requires a proper, balanced diet with regular exercising.

When we merely try to lose weight, we tend to reduce our food intake. This can harm our body, lead to weakness and sickness as our immunity system loses strength.

Fat loss mainly focuses on losing the unnecessary and excess fat from your body resulting in strengthening the muscles with regular exercising.

We must make sure we are benefiting from the efforts and hard work we put in towards making our body and health better by knowing and doing the exercises and diet in the right way.

best food for summer
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Ideal Foods for Summer All Time

Ideal Foods for Summer All Time

Ancient systems of medicine promote weather-based diets, and what stands out are that summers require different foods and winters too require its own type of diet. Winters require foods that promote heat and energy to the body, whereas the summer requires foods to cool the body down. Therefore, it is wise too choose summer foods that are light and cooling, and hydrate the body.

Sunny days make you feel dull and get you out of shape. However maintaining a healthy diet can save you from the scorching heat. Although it is important to eat a healthy diet round the year, it becomes more necessary during the summers.

summer best food

With temperatures rising up to even 90 degrees, you need to take in pots

of water. The heat can take water as well as sodium away from your body and thus you need to refill it to keep you going. However, drinking water may not be enough, as glucose levels can deplete so you need to get the glucose up. Drinking fruit juices at frequent intervals can be very refreshing and boost your energy levels. Add a bit of lime and sugar to your water to sip in when the sun suddenly begins to take its toll on you.

Meat can make you feel lousy, and dull, as they become heavy to digest during summers. However, grilled fish is excellent summer fare. As the summer heat is already heating up your body, you need less oily and spicy foods, and stick to light and easily digestible food items. Make vegetables a part of your daily diet and cook them in various styles to make it delicious and tempting. Avoid junk food completely, as they only fill your stomach and deprive it of essential nutrients.

Summers are also the best time to shed those extra pounds as you can indulge more in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with the essential vitamins, not fats. Thus even if you eat more of fruits and vegetables, you do not gain weight.

summers best foods

Here is a list of foods ideal for the summer:

  • Cucumber is a great food for the summer. Cucumber is cool and hydrates your body. A cool cucumber soup is also best alternative for heavy meals.
  • Replace your heavy meals with lighter ones like vegetable sandwiches.
  • Fruit salads, fat free yogurt, and beans
  • Leafy vegetables are a great way to cool off
  • Tomato is a good source of vitamins and works best on your body during hot days.
  • Eat raw carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and beetroots.
  • Green peas and corn form part of a great summer diet
  • Also, eat lot of berries that are not only yummy but good for your body as well.
  • Complement every meal with a fruit so you stay healthy, and drink at least two or three
  • glasses of fresh fruit juice throughout the day.
  • You can also make shakes with low fat milk and eat low fat ice creams.
  • Watermelon is a great way to get plenty of fluids into your system.
  • Don’t let the summer scare you, instead enjoy it while to stick to your healthy diet.

“Summer cooking implies a sense of immediacy, a capacity to capture the essence of the fleeting moment.”

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